Magnum Nutraceuticals – After Burner – Stimulant Free – Nighttime Fat Burner – Weight Loss Supplement

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With the help of AFTER BURNER, your excess fat can help provide you with energy rather than making you feel sluggish – all while you’re sleeping! AFTER BURNER’s fat-burning power is triggered by a variety of factors, the main of which is its ability to activate brown adipose tissue. Brown and white adipose tissue are the 2 types of adipose tissue in the human body. The white tissue is the excess fat on your body. Conversely, the brown tissue contains a significantly higher concentration of mitochondria than white adipose tissue; its primary function is to generate heat, which it does by burning white adipose tissue. When you activate your brown adipose tissue while you sleep, this supplement activates your fat to burn more fat! One of the key ingredients in this supplement, sesamin, has been shown to support liver and kidney health, stimulate cholesterol levels and increase antioxidant activity by increasing the absorption, use, and recycling of vitamin E. As a lipid, sesamin is a dense energy source that boosts mood and provides more than twice the amount of energy of protein and carbohydrates. In addition, sesamin also works as a fat burner by reducing food cravings, promoting feelings of fullness, preventing fat storage, and stimulating PPAR receptors found in muscle, heat, and liver cells. For best results, we recommend taking 3 pills every night before bed. Your order will come complete with 72 of these capsules, so you’ll have what you need to start seeing the results you’ve been waiting for. You can be confident that these supplements contain the highest quality ingredients available, formulated to help you find success in your weight loss and muscle building journey, and what’s more — all of our supplements are backed by science!

CONTROL LATE NIGHT CRAVINGS: Normally when you eat, levels of a lipid produced by the intestines increase. This lipid works to decrease your appetite by stimulating the sensory nerves that tell your nerves that you are full. When you take AFTER BURNER, you essentially trick your body into thinking you’ve already eaten.
DECREASE FAT STORAGE: This nighttime fat burner uses ingredients that can alter your metabolism to utilize fat as your main energy source. AFTER BURNER causes fat oxidation by augmenting the release of potent thermogenic enzymes through optimized liver function. This means that it helps increase the rate at which fat gets converted to energy.
UNIQUE INGREDIENTS: These dietary supplements are formulated with quality ingredients that are known for their beneficial effects on supporting weight loss and energy levels.
USE WITH WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PLAN: To start losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, we recommend that you use AFTER BURNER in conjunction with a weight management plan. Eating healthy, reducing your caloric intake, and maintaining a sufficient exercise schedule will help you garner the greatest results. Reach your fitness goals today with AFTER BURNER!

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