Beard Growth Biotin Supplement Multi-Vitamin Pills Bundle Kit W/Pristine Scented Oil, Balm, Beard Mustache Comb & Grow Gummies | Made in USA

Price: $25.99
(as of Oct 30,2020 02:32:46 UTC – Details)

Think of it as “daily care for facial hair.” Each product in the kit plays its own important role in the overall care of the facial hair that helps you make the most of who you are. To grow a full, thick beard.


Beard Gains provides the best vitamins and nutrients and the only true full beard care growth kit to get your beard growing fast. Heal your hair from the inside out. Many nutritional deficiencies are linked to hair loss. While factors such as age, genetics and hormones also affect hair growth, optimal nutrient intake is key. Without a healthy diet, hair can become thin, dull and dry. So nourish your thickest, healthiest hair growth ever by using the best hair growth vitamins on the market.


No reason to beat a dead horse here, but we earned these bragging rights. We have the MOST EXPENSIVE and MOST COMPLEX beard oil blends on the market. We know what we are doing over here and we’re not making empty claims. It took us years to create the scented masterpieces that won’t be duplicated anywhere else. Imported high-grade oils directly from India, insane combinations, untouchable scents, mounds of potential essential oil benefits and not to mention, all this is stored in a temperature controlled environment for increase longevity.


The cocoa butter, shea butter, and other key essential ingredients in our balm aid as a beard conditioner. The added hold strength and thickness will help you mold and tame those pesky stray beard hairs providing a manageable solution to a hassling hairy situation. Our perfected concoction of organic and natural ingredients from 2 decades of experience also adds nourishment to your skin and hair, prevents breakage, split ends, irritation, and more, all while enhancing natural growth.


Patented! Dope perfectly sized mini comb to maintain those man whiskers.

FULLER & THICKER | Our goal is for you will have a noticeably thicker and longer beard or your money back. Whether you have a majestic beard and want to keep it majestic. Or you are just starting your grow, this beard supplement is for you.
MULTIVITAMIN FOR YOUR BEARD | Our beard growth supplements contain all the vitamins required for healthy beard growth. This includes Vitamin C, B & E, as well as Zinc and Biotin. These key vitamins help even the most stubborn beard grow healthy and long.
HEALTHY SKIN | Our beard growth supplements promotes beard growth, but the same ingredients help promote healthy skin. Healthy skin = Healthy Beard.
MADE IN THE USA | Our Supplements are made of high quality products made in the USA. We ensure our product is tested to the highest standard, so our beard supplement will be perfect for everyone.

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