Ayurveda & Medical Astrology

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Ayurveda and Medical Astrology dives into the ancient Vedic art of healing and daily living and its auxiliary art-form medical astrology. Ayurveda was lost in India for many decades due to the English colonisation, but it has recently been recovered. This work seeks to introduce the Western reader to the intricacies of the Eastern health-art in its new and recovered form. it also lends from ancient sources of Ayurveda, mixing the old texts and new recoveries, with a scientific narrative that explains the validity of its models, methods and therapies. Whereas our scientific works GFG Foundational Health Statistics and Studies Part I to III explore the basis of Western medicine using strict science, our work on Ayurveda delves into the ancient healing art, thereby, revealing Eastern medicine and its holism in its true essence.

The content of the work is:
• Origin stories
• Samkhya philosophy
• Expanded conception of creation with a view to Quantum Physics
• Ayurvedic physiology
• Diet and nutrition in Ayurveda
• Emotions and their effect on health
• Meditation – the why’s, how’s and when’s
• Purification therapies (panchakarma)
• Herbal mixtures (rasayanas)
• Exercise in Ayurveda
• The chakra system and how to use it to your benefit
• Medical astrology, for the students of Vedic astrology
• Pathogenesis
• Summary of the whole work
• Literature references

Our hope is that you love the work, implement essential health lessons in your life, and reap the benefits of improved health based on excellent daily living (the best habits). Find us on social media under the brand name ‘General Fitness Guidelines’ to stay up to date on our services and materials.

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