Dr. Vaidya’s New Age Ayurveda | Lipoherb | Ayurvedic Pills For Obesity and Hyper Cholesterol | 30 Capsules (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

Dr. Vaidya’s Lipoherb is a natural supplement that supports the maintenance of healthy body weight and cholesterol levels. This product is made from a blend of herbs that has been carefully formulated, based on Ayurvedic texts and modern research. Lipoherb contains a variety of therapeutic herbs, including amla, harda, gokhru, and others. Each of these herbs exerts a different influence, with some stimulating metabolism and digestion, others regulating appetite, as well as lipid and blood sugar levels. In combination, they help control body weight and also help lower the risk of comorbidities associated with being over weight.

As being overweight is increasingly described as global epidemic that severely threatens public health, there is a growing need for effective natural helps to support healthy body weight. Lipoherb fulfills this requirement, as it does not promote weight loss or appetite suppression through the use of chemicals or synthetic ingredients. The supplement is only made using natural Ayurvedic herbs and it also addresses a major concern linked to being overweight – heart. High cholesterol levels are common in excess weight and this is regarded as a major risk factor for the lifestyle. Some of the herbs in Lipoherb are known to exercise anti-lipid effects, helping regulate these cholesterol levels. To get the best results, Lipoherb capsules must be consumed daily for a period of at least six months.

Ingredient/Product Benefits










Gokhru is renowned for its anti-over weight effects and is used in various nutraceuticals that help promote weight loss. It has a positive influence on both glucose and cholesterol levels, reducing food cravings and the risk of being over weight.


Best known as an immune booster because of its high vitamin C and antioxidant content, amla has also been found to have a stabilizing effect on appetite, digestion, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.


The gum resin of the guggulu tree is known for its rich phytochemical profile and it has proven benefits as a cardio protective, antinflammatory, antoxidant, and Antihyperglycemic herb. It also helps stimulate the thyroid glands, encouraging healthy metabolic functions.


Commonly used for its pleasant odor, nagarmoth is also a rich source of organic compounds such as flavonoids and terpenoids. The herb supports healthy digestion, improving appetite regulation and nutrient absorption.

Pure and Natural

Lipoherb is carefully formulated to maximize the action of all its herbal ingredients – amla, gokhru, guggul, nagarmoth, harda, gulwel, gurmar, haldi, and kariyatu. It does not contain any chemicals or artificial flavoring and coloring ingredients.

Tested for Quality & Efficacy

Lipoherb is made using premium ingredients that are subject to stringent testing for quality, efficacy, and safety. Based on intensive research, the blend of herbs has been carefully formulated to maximize the supplement’s efficacy and safety.


Usage guide

Daily recommended dosage is three capsules a dayBest consumed shortly before breakfast, lunch, and dinner (in case of discomfort or nausea may be consumed five-ten minutes following meals)Should be consumed daily for a period of at least six months to get the best results

Lipoherb weight Loss medicine, when taken in the recommended dose can help trigger the process of weight loss with incredible ease. In order for the medicine to have the desired effect, it is highly advisable to incorporate certain lifestyle changes such as maintaining a regular exercise regimen and restricting your diet to fresh, healthy and nutritious foods only.
Combined, the medicine and a healthy lifestyle not only boosts the metabolic rate, but also helps avoid various obesity-related diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis, among many others.
Lipoherb Stimulates The Metabolism of Fat Cells, Thereby Burning Any Excess Body Fat.

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