Sharangdhar Krumina – 120 Tablets

Price: ₹ 240.00 - ₹ 210.00
(as of Sep 30,2020 03:43:45 UTC – Details)

Sharangdhar Krumina Wormicidal Due to undigested food there is worm infestation. Krumina is useful as wormicidal. Causes : Excess intake of sweets, jaggery, milk products, curd, earth eating, spicy food, bread, non-veg, excessive eating, excess intake of Til oil, oily food in hotels contaminated food intake, fermented food like Dosa, idli etc. Symptoms : White patches on the face, abdominal distension, nausea, pain in abdomen, loose motions, weakness, itching at anus, recurrent cough cold, dryness all over the body. Action : The name Krumina itself suggests its functioning, that it is a very good wormicidal. Improper digestion of food leads to worm infestation. The contents of krumina activate the pachak agni (digestive power) and improves digestive function and hence destroy worms basic cause for production of worms subsides.. Another cause of worms is excessive intake of sweets, chocolates, biscuits, ice- creams, which produce dushit kapha which is good for the growth of worms. The contents of krumina remove such dushit kapha and hence the worms. It also reduces the foul smell of kapha. Krumnia avoids the recurrence of worms as well as helps in easy excretion of stools that why dead worms flush out easily. It is helpful in any type of worms like gandupad, sutrakrumi, sphit krumi etc. and relives the symptoms like pain in abdomen, indigestion, gases.

Krumina – 2 tabs twice a day after half an hour of meal with water or directed by the Physician.

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