Dr. Vaidya’s New Age Ayurveda | Dermaherb | Ayurvedic Pills For Acne, Itching, Boils and Other Skin Ailments | 30 Pills Each (Pack of 3)

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Product Description

Dr. Vaidya’s Dermaherb is a natural supplement that promotes healthy skin and helps resolve common conditions like acne, itching skin, boils, and contact dermatitis or allergic skin conditions. Dermaherb is ideal for all skin types and is even safe for those with sensitive skin as it is made solely from natural herbal ingredients that are gentle on the skin. The supplement contains extracts from more than 5 skin-friendly herbs, including herbs like harda, behada, majistha, and guggul. These herbs are noted for their detox and digestive benefits, which are prerequisites for healthy glowing skin. Immuno-modulatory, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties of many of the herbs used in Dermaherb also help relieve inflammatory and allergic skin disorders with a soothing effect.

Dermaherb follows a holistic approach to skin care, not just promoting glowing and blemish-free skin, but also correcting underlying imbalances and digestive impairments that can adversely impact skin health. It also adheres strictly to the Ayurvedic emphasis on natural treatments and does not contain any added synthetic or chemical ingredients. As a 100% natural product that uses medicinal herbs, Dermaherb does not pose any risk of side effects when used as per the dosage recommendations. To get the best results, Dermaherb Pills must be consumed daily for a period of at least 3 months.

Ingredient/Product Benefits

harda, dr vaidyas, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda

harda, dr vaidyas, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda

amla, dr vaidyas, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda

amla, dr vaidyas, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda

munakka, dr vaidyas, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda

munakka, dr vaidyas, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda

behada, dr vaidya, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda

behada, dr vaidya, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda


Regarded as the ‘king of herbs’ and a powerful digestive cleanser in Ayurveda, harda has also been shown to directly promote skin health. Studies show that antioxidant compounds in the herb promote collagen synthesis enhancing protection against aging and sun damage.


Amla is highly valued in natural medicine as an immune booster because of its high vitamin C and antioxidant content. The herb is also noted for its regulating influence on digestion and blood sugar levels, also reducing the buildup of toxins in the body.


Munakka is an important Ayurvedic ingredient for digestive health, with evidence showing that it possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties that even increase protection of Gastric Epithelial Cells. A rich source of flavonols and phenolic acids, munakka also supports skin health.


In Ayurveda, behada is used primarily to strengthen agni and regulate metabolism. Studies have demonstrated strong antibacterial and antioxidant activity of the herb, which also protects the skin from infections and free radical damage.

Pure and Natural

Dermaherb is made exclusively from natural ingredients, containing extracts from 8 medicinal herbs – harda, behada, amla, sunth, pipper, munakka, majistha, and guggul. This product does not contain any chemicals or artificial flavoring and coloring ingredients.

Tested for Quality & Efficacy

Dermaherb is made using high quality ingredients that are subject to a stringent testing process for quality, efficacy, and safety. Based on intensive research, the blend of herbs has been carefully formulated to maximize the efficacy of its bioactive ingredients.

dermaherb, dr vaidyas, vaidya, herbal, ayurvedadermaherb, dr vaidyas, vaidya, herbal, ayurveda

Usage guide

Daily recommended dosage is 3 pills a dayBest consumed after breakfast, lunch, and dinnerShould be consumed daily for a period of at least 3 months to get the best results

Note: For children the ideal dosage is just 1 pill a day after breakfast

Dermaherb Can Also Help In Treating Severe Conditions Like Psoriasis and Vitiligo, Albeit, In That Case, It Needs To Be Accompanied By Additional Medicines.
Dermaherb Is Made With Ingredients Which Work Together To Treat Skin Ailments By Improving The Digestion and Purifying The Blood. The Anti-Oxidants That This Medicine Contains, Helps Expel Toxins From The Body, Ensuring That The Skin Heals Faster and Remains Healthy.

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