The Natural Glamour: The Ayurveda Beauty Book

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Ayurveda is the science of health and healing from ancient India. In this ancient wisdom, health covers diverse aspects of existence like physical, mental, social and spiritual for the complete well being of an individual, as well as of society. The author has emphasized on enhancing your beauty, glamour and radiance with very simple and natural methods of Ayurveda. A person’s appearance depends largely on her/his health and ‘inner environment’ of the body. In this book, there are methods given to purify your inner environment and beautify your external appearance with diverse treatments feasible easily at home. There are very simple and fascinating methods like diverse oil treatments, oil baths of individual parts of the body, bath of gods, inner lubrication and for the first time─ the yogic dance. The simple home methods are the result of Dr. Verma’s extensive research in the living tradition of Ayurveda. The wisdom about the combination of health, beauty and radiance is unique and leads to exuberance. The book is not just a collection of external application claiming to make you beautiful. It is also to make you aware and conscience of your inner being, including your state of mind that affects immediately your appearance and radiance. Thus, the book also deals with the spiritual aspects of beauty. Improve your looks and personality along with your health with simple home remedies. Invest in your old age; do not grow up to be a grumpy, wrinkly old man or woman.

‘All men, women and children want to look healthy and beautiful. The books on beauty are generally written for women or they are considered for women. Men, particularly in the West are usually conditioned not to beautify themselves. However in Indian tradition, during various ceremonies before marriage, man and woman are given similar Ayurvedic beauty treatments with external methods.’ After all, women also like their men with smooth skin, pleasant smell and radiating looks.

This book was first published in German in 2003

Dr. Verma was educated in France and trained in the USA. With a doctorate degree in Reproduction biology from Panjab University and another in Neurobiology from Université de Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, Dr. Verma studied Ayurveda with scriptural tradition from Professor Priya Vrat Sharma of the Benares Hindu University.
An authority on Ayurveda and yoga, Dr. Verma has written 19 books on diverse themes in these fields. Her books have been translated into different languages of the world. Two of her best sellers are__ Ayurveda, A Way of Life and The Kamasutra for Women. She is the founder of Patanjali Yogadarshana Society and Charaka School of Ayurveda and is the Academic director of Charaka Ayurvedic and Yogic Academy and Cultural Centre (CAYACC). Find more about the author, her books and contributions at the back pages of this book and at

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