Nutree Pure YummYum Fruit Pectin Based, No Gelatin Vitamin C Gummy Bears for Kids (Multi Favoured) -30 Gummies

Price: ₹ 350.00 - ₹ 332.00
(as of Aug 09,2020 06:50:51 UTC – Details)

Product Description

At Nutree Pure, we collect, process and produce herbal nutritional supplements, cold press oils, protein powders and herbal cosmetics. Yummyum gummies are formulated especially for kids. It is made of fruit based pectin and contains a great blend of vitamins and nutrients.

Enriched with Multiple Vitamins

These delicious gummies are a rich source of every day essential vitamins and nutrients. They are filled with Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid which forms an essential part of a kid’s diet.

Delicious Mixed Flavours

The gummies come in various fruity and delectable flavours. They can be pleasing to children’s eyes and the taste buds while fulfilling the daily intake of nutrients.

Filler and Additive Free

The gummies do not contain any added fillers, harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. They are also free of tree nuts, soy-extracts, peanut, dairy products and egg.

Made of Fruit Based Pectin

These gummies are free of gelatin and gluten. They are made of a naturally occurring substance known as pectin that is usually found in apples, berries and other fruits. Kids won’t be able to resist these gummies post having just one.

Easy to Chew

The gummies are soft and they can be chewed easily like a tasty treat, they offer no bitter taste or sour flavour. They do not require to be swallowed like a traditional medicine.

Daily Treat

These gummies are made especially for children. They carry a great taste and kids can easily fall in love with them. Kids of age group 4 to 8 can consume two gummies per day and kids of age 9 to 13 years can consume two to three gummies per day.

BENEFITS: Vitamin C functions as a powerful antioxidant, immune booster and improved Iron asbsorption
GREAT TASTING: Contains double the daily value of Vitamin C in a great tasting chewable gummy
FREE OF: Gelatin, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy, Gluten, Soy and Eggs
MADE OF : Fruit Based Pectin, No Gelatin used. No Bitterness. Kids will love it.

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