Natureise Hair Multivitamin & Multi-Minerals for Hair Strength & Hair Thickening- 60 Soft gel

Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 499.00
(as of Aug 06,2020 12:45:22 UTC – Details)

Why Natureise Hair ?
Biotin, Calcium Pantothenate , Collagen Peptides, Niacinamide, L-Cysteine, Zinc, Iron, Manganese Sulphate, Cupric Oxide, Chromium Picolinate, Selenium. BIOTIN
☛ Biotin is a water soluble B-Vitamin that is required for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Biotin also helps support energy metabolism in the body as well. How it Helps
☛  HOW IT HELPS: Biotin helps promote and support healthy skin, nails and hair. It is also a B-Vitamin that is necessary for certain enzymes to work properly within the body. HAIR SKIN AND NAILS VITAMINS
☛  Containing essential amino acids, It helps rejuvenate and replenish lost integral collagen and integral proteins from your joints, tendons, Hair, Skin, and muscles. Pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides is one of the best joint supplements for men and women, Hair and Nails supplement, and Hair growth vitamins. Calcium Pantothenate
☛  Calcium Pantothenate is a salt of pantothenic acid. In cosmetics and personal care products, Calcium Pantothenate is used primarily in hair care products. It improves the thickness of hair and helps to cope up with premature hair greying. Calcium Pantothenate function as hair conditioning agents. Pack of 60 softgels

Nutrient Rich-Great for all hair types, our purposeful formula supplements the nutrients you need to grow stronger hair from the inside out.
Healthy Hair Growth – Stimulating cell growth while supporting existing hair health, Natureise Hair is scientifically formulated to promote healthier, faster hair growth.
NUTRIENT DEFICIENCIES – We believe that the majority of issues in our bodies can be solved using nature’s perfect ingredients. In today’s world, it is very difficult to consume all the nutrients you need from food alone. Natureise Hair helps to supplement the nutrients that may be missing from your diet to promote healthy hair growth and a natural volume and vibrance you can be proud of.
GLOWING SKIN & HEALTHY NAILS TOO! – You will also love NATUREISE HAIR “side-benefits”. In fact, you’ll probably notice them first. Most customers find that while it may take a few weeks of consistent use for significant changes in your hair to be visible, the benefits to your skin and nails will be much faster. You’ll enjoy nourished, moisturized skin and healthier, stronger nails while your hair is growing faster, fuller, and healthier from the roots.

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