cvr life science Spirulina Capsules | 2000 mg per Serving 100% Certified Organic 90 – Veg Capsule |30 Days Supply|

Price: ₹ 450.00
(as of Aug 02,2020 02:43:04 UTC – Details)

About The Product:

✔ Cvr Life Science More Then Certified Organic Spirulina Capsule – 500 mg |90 Nos|

✔ Cvr Life Science Certified Organic Professional Grade Spirulina is a world class Nutritional supplement cultivated in a GMP and ISO Certified Facility.

✔ This is the most effective and safest way to compensate for your incomplete daily dietary intake.

✔ A regular dose helps complete your daily nutrient needs in a very convenient way.

✔ Cvr Life Science Spirulina is a natural source of essential phytonutrients, omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

✔ It is a powerhouse of easily digestible protein It is a natural detoxifier

✔ Its rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other essential daily nutrients

✔ Its filled with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium content found in milk

✔ It keeps your heart healthy It promotes Liver health

✔ Cvr Life Science Spirulina is NOT a drug, but a 100% vegetarian and safe nutritional supplement.

✔ It is packed in a GMP and ISO certified hygienic facility and cultivated in the Raceway ponds – Surrounded by Green Natural Farms for your health safety.

From The Manufacturer:

Why Choose Cvr Life Science?

✔ we learned more about the rare forms of Natural herbs, how it is cultivated and processed, the distinctions among different grades, how to recognize the best products etc.

✔ We choose to market only those products that met our standards. Our Spirulina is one of them.

✔ Today’s consumer expects reliable and complete product information. Beyond what is printed on the label.

✔ We Cvr Life Science request all its customers to download the Smart Consumer app developed by Dept. Of Consumer Affairs, Govt of India. to scan the bar code printed on product to know about the product genuine and Standard info

A High Nutrition daily supplement with Low Calorie Low Fat and No Cholesterol . It reduces fatigue and boosts your stamina.
It is a powerhouse of easily digestible protein – contains as high as 65% of protein mass in every tablet, Contains all eighteen essential Amino Acids.
23 times more iron than Spinach, to rebuild your body from within, improves your Haemoglobin levels and It helps build immunity.It’s a natural detoxifier and promotes Liver health
Only available food source of GLA, an essential nutrient found primarily in mother’s milk, for more focus and better temperament

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