Kayos Collagen Peptides (Hydrolyzed) Powder Protein Supplement Type 1 and 3 with Glucosamine and Methylcobalamin – 250g

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Product Description

Kayos Naturals pure and hydrolyzed collagen peptide is made from type 1 & 3 collagen. It is made in a non harmful and natural way making sure your bodies benefit in the most effective way from our pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides.

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Kayos Collagen PeptidesKayos Collagen Peptides


Collagen is the vital building block of our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints. Our bodies cannot synthesise enough collagen on their own and our diets today contain minimal collagen.

Well luckily Kayos Naturals offers the PUREST BOVINE COLLAGEN of the HIGHEST QUALITY that contains NO harmful chemicals, gluten, dairy, sugar or soy.

It is conveniently packed in 250g jar which is easy to use and lasts longer. When you take it as directed, you’re ensuring your body has an ample supply of pure collagen protein for daily rebuilding.

Amino Acids supplement KayosAmino Acids supplement Kayos


Type 1 and 3 collagen contains essential and non-essential amino acid complex. Amino-acids are the “building blocks” of proteins and are an important part of human bodies. It is a great source of soluble protein providing a fantastic option to increase your daily protein intake.

Kayos supplement for bonesKayos supplement for bones


Over time, cartilage wear off due to ageing and repeated movement. As a result, tendons and ligaments stretch, and bones rub against each other, causing pain. Kayos Natural’s Collagen Peptides provides support for the growth and repair of cartilage tissue, as well as relieve joint inflammation and pain.

Kayos skin supplementKayos skin supplement


Increasing collagen levels can help your skin look firmer, increase smoothness, and help your skin cells keep renewing and repairing normally. Collagen for skin helps its elasticity and helps reduce potential dimpling. This makes collagen one of the best natural skin care ingredients available.

Bulletproof coffee supplementBulletproof coffee supplement

Boost Your Morning Breakfast with KETO COFEE with Collagen

Our collagen powder easily blends into all of your favourite hot and cold liquids. Simply add it to your tea, coffee, juice or smoothie for a wonderful protein boost.

Many people use Kayos Naturals Collagen Peptides and MCT oil to make themselves power packed KETO Coffee for morning breakfast which also helps them maintain their weight and boost performance.


A boost in collagen may help increase your metabolism by adding lean muscle mass to your frame and helping with the conversion of essential nutrients. One of amino Acids’ most important roles is helping form muscle tissue by converting glucose into energy that feeds muscle cells.

Lean Muscle Supplement by KayosLean Muscle Supplement by Kayos

hair and skin supplement by kayoshair and skin supplement by kayos

Hair, Skin & Nails

Health and Support

kayos bone support supplementskayos bone support supplements

Bones & Joint


meal replacementmeal replacement

Coffee & Shakes

Mix with any Liquid

Describe your products in three words.


How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Kayos Naturals always desires to come up with quality health supplements which are essential for our bodies daily needs. High Quality Collagen Peptides is getting very popular in India and more and more people want to buy the product, however quality and cost is not that affordable in India for high quality collagen supplements. Kayos is working with industries top manufacturers for collagen powder manufacturers so that we can supply our customers with pure and high quality collagen powder at an affordable cost and under FSSAI & ISO quality standards.

What makes your product special?

The highest standards in quality, affordable cost and fact that the product is made strictly as per FSSAI guidelines is what makes this product the right choice for Collagen buyers in India.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Testing this health supplement ourselves and with our friends and family was the best experience. We achieved great results in bone strength, nail and skin health while testing this supplement.

Helps maintain healthy and youthful hair, skin, and nail
Aides healthy joints and bones health
Mix with your favourite coffee, juice, smoothie or simply water.Target audience: unisex
Quantity: 250 grams item form: powder; Package color: black

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