OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs (Supergreens powder with Chlorella, Spirulina & 34 Detox Ingredients) 250g

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Product Description

OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs is India’s First Blend of 35+ Superfoods, Greens and Ayurvedic Herbs. It is a Plant based Herbal drink which improves Digestion, Detoxifies the body, boosts Brain & Heart health, increases Energy and improves overall Immunity


Superfoods, Greens & HerbsSuperfoods, Greens & Herbs

Why is Superfood Greens & Herbs a Daily Must Have for Detox, Cleanse, Digest & Immunity?

Superfood Greens & Herbs is a mix of 6 Health Blends which have 35+ Superfoods, Greens and Ayurvedic Herbs. It helps to Detox & Cleanse, boost Energy, better Digestion and Brain & Heart Health which improves overall immunity. With a solid, well balanced formulation and premium quality ingredients, OZiva Superfood Greens & Herbs is something that can be had by your entire family irrespective of the age.

Health BlendsHealth Blends

What Makes It Super Amazing?

Mix of 6 Health Blends for Detox, Cleanse, Energy & Immunity

Detox & Digest Blend: Amla, Manjistha,Triphala & more

Alkalizing Greens: Chlorella, Spinach, Moringa & more

Wholefood Multivitamin Blend: Carrot, Curcumin, Orange peel & more

Brain Health Blend: Blueberry, Green Tea, Rose Petals & more

Energy Blend: Maca, Ashwagandha, Brahmi & more

Heart Health Blend: Pomegranate, Pineapple, Guava & more

Going Beyond the Product- Our Complete Ecosystem

We have simplified healthy living – through combined benefits of our nutrition products with a proper set of goal-based home workouts as well as individualized diet plans to help you reach your goals.

Our digital platform – FitCircle helps you maintain a holistic approach to health.You can access it here -m.me/FitCircle.in

Free Diet Plan & WorkoutsFree Diet Plan & Workouts

Aarti GillAarti Gill

Aarti Gill

Co-founder & CEO

Mihir GadaniMihir Gadani

Mihir Gadani

Co-founder & COO

Describe your products in three words.

Natural. Clean. Effective

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

We believe “fitness” has 3 pillars – good nutrition, physical activity, and mental well-being. For you to be a healthier & better version of yourself, these pillars need to be solid.

However, in India, more than 70% of people are unable to strike a balance between their macro & micronutrients. OZiva was born with the simple purpose of providing people, and more specifically, us Indians, with Clean, Raw & Natural Nutrition while making it convenient and affordable

What makes your product special?

Combining thousands of years of Ayurvedic wisdom & the Modern day foods – we create products that gives our customers benefits of both the sciences

What has been the best part of your experience?

Building a complete ecosystem to uncomplicate healthy living is something that stands out for us as a team. Be it the best quality products , effective workouts or expert guidance – as a company we are striving to deliver beyond just a nutrition product

Detox & Cleanse for Improved Skin & Better Weight Management
Mix of 6 Health Blends
Boosts Immunity & Energy, Detox & Digest, Brain & Heart Health
FREE Diet Consultation for your Fitness Goal

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