nature’s velvet Advanced Prebiotics for Gut Health – Immune System Booster & Dietary Fiber Powder – Fuels Good Bacteria Growth to Promote Digestive Health, Gas Relief & Digestion (300gms)

Price: ₹ 700.00 - ₹ 399.00
(as of Jul 27,2020 20:08:59 UTC – Details)

When most people think of health supplements for the gut, they think of probiotics. Probiotics are packed with beneficial gut-friendly bacteria live organisms that populate the flora of the digestive tract. Chances are youve never stopped to ponder what feeds those microorganisms. Well, the answer is prebiotics. Prebiotics are a form of non-digestible fiber. Foods like under-ripe bananas and raw garlic are good sources of prebiotics. If the thought of eating a bunch of green bananas or raw garlic does not appeal to you, fortunately there are prebiotic supplements that contain prebiotic fibers that promote healthy digestion and have all sorts of wellness implications. Pairing a prebiotic with a probiotic will maximize the health benefits of the probiotic. These benefits range from improved skin to higher immunity to better mood. Prebiotics are also known as probiotic supplements.

SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE HEALTH- Bloating, diarrhea and other intestinal issues affect many every day. Advanced Prebiotics works in both intestinal areas of the body and is efficacious within hours. This supplement nourishes the flora of the intestinal lining to help promote regularity and ease occasional discomfort such as gas and bloating.
ULTIMATE PREBIOTIC- When used with Advanced Probiotics, they can promote good bacteria growth that supports overall digestive health to reduce these symptoms.
HEALTHY MICROBIOME LEADS TO HEALTHIER LIVES – A healthy gut can give a boost to your immune response. It can also help with overall mood boost and weight loss management!
DAIRY & GLUTEN FREE, NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED – Our unique prebiotics supplement is manufactured at a GMP, state-of-the-art facility. Every batch is tested to ensure the ingredients are safe, pure and potent.

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