Artificial intelligence can improve how chest images are used in care of COVID-19 patients

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According to a current report by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers, synthetic intelligence (AI) ought to be used to develop the function of chest X-ray imaging—utilizing computed tomography, or CT—in diagnosing and assessing coronavirus an infection in order that it can be greater than only a means of screening for indicators of COVID-19 in a affected person’s lungs.

Within the examine, printed in the May 6 difficulty of Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, the researchers say that “AI’s power to generate models from large volumes of information—fusing molecular, clinical, epidemiological and imaging data—may accelerate solutions to detect, contain and treat COVID-19.”

Although CT chest imaging isn’t at the moment a routine technique for diagnosing COVID-19 in patients, it has been useful in excluding different potential causes for COVID-like signs, confirming a analysis made by one other means or offering vital information for monitoring a affected person’s progress in extreme instances of the illness. The Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers imagine this is not sufficient, making the case that there’s “an untapped potential” for AI-enhanced imaging to improve. They recommend the know-how can be used for:

  • Risk stratification, the method of categorizing patients for the kind of care they obtain based mostly on the expected course of their COVID-19 an infection.
  • Treatment monitoring to outline the effectiveness of brokers used to fight the illness.
  • Modeling how COVID-19 behaves, in order that novel, personalized therapies can be developed, examined and deployed.

For instance, the researchers suggest that “AI may help identify the immunological markers most associated with poor clinical course, which may yield new targets” for medication that can direct the towards the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

Radiologists use deep learning to find signs of COVID-19 in chest X-rays

More info:
Shinjini Kundu et al, How Might AI and Chest Imaging Help Unravel COVID-19’s Mysteries?, Radiology: Artificial Intelligence (2020). DOI: 10.1148/ryai.2020200053

Artificial intelligence can improve how chest images are used in care of COVID-19 patients (2020, June 3)
retrieved 10 June 2020

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